Who we are

The Center for BEING at Full Potential is dedicated to a world where the HUMAN POTENTIAL of every individual and organization is fully realized. We work with clients all over the world. Our network of coaches and consultants are committed to support individuals in their leadership by strengthening the BEING and equip leaders in making HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION the centrepiece for strategic transformation in their organizations. The members of our Leadership Council are united on our shared vision and are advancing our cause in a transformational way.

On a global level the CENTER for BEING at Full Potential promotes HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION through our Academy and through our thought leading research for the profit and not for profit sector.

To better serve our customers we also initiate collaboration and co-creation on a regional/country level. We have established regional partnerships in South America, India and New Zealand and are in the process of setting up branches in Europe and Canada.

BEING at Full Potential was founded in 2010 by Sujith Ravindran and Mark Vandeneijnde. Having both spent a decade in leadership positions within large multinationals we were well aware of the challenges organizations were facing in terms of harnessing the full HUMAN POTENTIAL of their workforce. With employee engagement at an all-time low, we knew deep down that the command and control paradigm, which had been so effective in driving productivity in the past, needed to be replaced with a more trusting and inspiring way of being with each other in organizations. Based on this insight, BEING at Full Potential was born.