Who we are


BEING at Full Potential is dedicated to a world where the HUMAN POTENTIAL of every individual and organization is fully realized. We are a global assessment, training and coaching organization committed to unlocking HUMAN POTENTIAL by bringing the attention back to the essence of  WHO WE ARE and WHY WE ARE HERE. From this state of BEING our clients easily see through the complexities and chaos of their worlds, enabling them to move forward in more meaningful ways, thereby unleashing breakthroughs.  Our global community of 100+ trained and certified coaches and consultants help bring this vision to life.

Across 4 continents we support individuals in their leadership by strengthening the BEING and equip leaders from the for-profit, not-for-profit, political, educational and other sectors  in making HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION the centerpiece of transformation within their organizations and institutions.

To achieve this we invest heavily in research on human-centric innovations and collaborate with academia and industry to develop solutions that help individuals and organizations fully take advantage of their immense HUMAN POTENTIAL.

On a global level BEING at Full Potential promotes human potential realization through our HUMAN POTENTIAL ACADEMY and through our THOUGHT LEADING RESEARCH for the different sectors.

We are headquartered in Canada with branches in Europe and India. In order to better serve our customers we have forged numerous alliances at a regional/country level. We have established regional partnerships in South America, United Kingdom and New Zealand and are in the process of setting up new branches and alliances in other regions and countries.

BEING at Full Potential was founded in 2008 by Sujith Ravindran and Mark Vandeneijnde. Having both spent a decade in leadership positions within large multinationals, they were well aware of the challenges organizations were facing in harnessing the full HUMAN POTENTIAL of their workforce. With employee engagement at an all-time low, it was clear to them that a significant shift needed to take place in terms of how one looks at any organization’s most valuable resource – its PEOPLE. They noticed that the command and control paradigm which had been so effective in driving productivity in the past needed to be replaced with a more inspiring and allowing way of being with each other in organizations. This insight gave birth to BEING at Full Potential.