1. The PEOPLE “P” of sustainability is an increasingly important focus area for most organizations (in addition to PROFIT and PLANET)
  2. As a result significant resources are being committed to address the “tangible” 3rd world “PEOPLE” needs (eg: clean water, health, nutrition initiatives)
  3. Unfortunately, the 1st world “PEOPLE” needs (eg: finding meaning & purpose, realizing potential) are more difficult to grasp and therefore have mostly been ignored…until now…

=> Employee engagement is at an all-time low, significant creative potential remains unexpressed and most HR & Sustainability departments are unsure how to effectively seize & harness this incredible opportunity


During the HUMAN POTENTIAL SUMMIT we invite Sustainability, HR professionals & leading edge social entrepreneurs and coaches to: 


  1. Discover best-in-class tools and methodologies for unlocking the full potential of their PEOPLE
  2. Go beyond the “have to” thinking of compliance, philanthropy, risk management and eco-efficiency, to a “want to” thinking of new systems, models and culture, in order to unlock the game-changing potential of their organizations




  • Trying on the new mindsets that will step change the impact of Sustainability in the business environment. For example the ability to work with paradox and contradiction in order to access new paradigms of value creation and system redesign.
  • Creative breakthroughs on how to resolve the People, Profit, Planet tension
  • A toolbox of new language, practices and methods to help embed these new mindsets into the culture of the organization (including the Human Potential Assessment and Methodology)
  • A renewed sense of meaning and purpose, a deep commitment to BE the change agent and inspire others around you
  • A deep personal experience of our own FULL potential