We know that …

  • International companies face significant intercultural conflicts/challenges building fruitful joint-ventures with local enterprises
  • Women are significantly under-represented in the workplace, and they are put under tremendous pressure to conduct themselves as ‘men’
  • Technology and hierarchical changes have created a big chasm between the way-of-working of the experienced and the younger generations


With these challenges comes great opportunity. It is inviting us to look beyond our differences (race, gender, class, position, generation…) and unlock immense value by harnessing the unique gifts and talents that diversity brings to the workplace.

By looking at diversity with a new (so far unexplored) level of awareness and simply relating to one another at a deeper human level we can;


  • Build trusting relationships and unleash greater synergies with overseas companies,
  • Empower women to bring the essential ingredients of flourishing organizations; love, care, intuition, compassion, etc
  • Combine the drive of the young generation with the forethought of the experienced generation in order to make a fulfilling workplace


So what does it take to see each other in this way and how do we translate it into a new wave of value creation for organizations (Business, NGO, Political) in India?

During the 2.5 day Summit for HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION, organizational leaders will have the opportunity to fully experience their own immense potential and discover for themselves how operating from this place leads to breakthroughs in cross cultural, generational and gender understanding.

We also explore how resolving these diversity challenges fosters innovation, employee engagement, customer orientation and eventually bottom line results. Following the summit, participants will feel equipped to bring these practices back into their organizations and BE the change they wish to see.