Organizational Discovery Session

organisational discovery session

The HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment and the initial report  is  only  the  beginning  of  an  organization’s  Human  Potential  journey.  It simply  provides  the  top-line findings which is bound to open up deeper questions. Depending on the needs that arise from this report, in subsequent analyses, a deeper study of different divisions or levels of the organization can be done. Breaking the data in this way will open up more insights and clarity on the next steps. Following the ENQUIRE phase (see fig. 2 below) where the data and insights are revealed we encourage the key stakeholders to spend quality time in DISCOVERY during which time the insights are fully integrated and transformed into actionable next steps, fully owned by the organization.

DISCOVERY is about processing and integrating the insights so they can be transformed into actionable next steps, fully owned by the organization. During these ‘Discovery’ workshops (which typically last 2,5 days) the client is invited to look deeply into the current beliefs and assumptions that drive their business decisions today and make very deliberate choices on who they want to BE going forward. This involves “Subtracting” (the process of understanding the disconnects – or the shortfalls – along the various states and dimensions of the HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment Model), “Passaging” (releasing control of the familiar processes used to arrive at solutions) and “Arrival” (seeing opportunities in uncertainties and allowing new possibilities to reveal themselves).

Finally, in the HARNESS phase, the organization is encouraged to visualize and speak about its new intentions in full details (via town-hall meetings or other) and start shaping them into a new implementation plan (Re-scripting). Targeted training and coaching programs are rolled out at the individual and group levels to make the new inner states a reality. Collectively new language and customs are adopted so that employees are engaged in more empowering ways. Management embraces new leadership habits, and the new consciousness is reflected in the management objectives and tools, like in the Business Balance Score Card (Re-sculpting).