Being Team




The tensions and complexities inherent in today’s organizational dynamics prevent teams from realizing their FULL POTENTIAL. To change that, we must find more effective ways to:

  • Rally behind an inspiring long term vision while delivering short term results,
  • Align the unique talents and passions of the individual team members with the collective purpose of the team,
  • Leverage the cultural diversity of global teams,
  • Foster intergenerational collaboration (ie: inspiring Millennials),
  • Unlock cross functional synergies,
  • Remain true to our values in the face of external pressures

Trying to address these tensions with a command and control style of leadership will, more often than not, make things worse, create toxic tensions and threaten the stability of the entire system.

What if we did something different? What if we could hold a difficult situation long enough to drop deeper than what the surface might seem to suggest? What if the conversation that evolved out of that tension or complexity was the very thing that could transform it? And what if the new commitments, the actions, and the creative impulse that appear from this work, inspire each member of the team to rally behind a common purpose – a very clear Big Picture? Just imagine the multiple breakthroughs that would be possible then!


Building blocks of the programme:


The 2-day Full Potential Team Programme has been carefully designed to capacitate teams and resolve the most complex dilemmas they are facing. Whether it be bridging the generational divide, unlocking cross-functional / cultural / generational synergies, identifying the next breakthrough innovation or even resolving the inherent tensions between Profit and Planet or People and Productivity.

The working space that we create invites all stakeholders to show up in their FULL diversity with their different experiences and points of view. However, before engaging this diversity we first take quality time to co-create a set of shared standards & practices that unify the way in which the group will work together during these days. This process of coming together and agreeing on a set of operating principles is critical to establish a trusting platform upon which our differences can be respected and ultimately synergized in service of a greater good.

After having “set the scene” we can start engaging with the tensions and step into the questions that we don’t yet know the answers to. Being in the middle of knowing and not knowing is what we refer to as the “space in between”. By definition this will be an uncomfortable experience but it also has the potential to be a transformational one, where new insights are revealed and tremendous creativity is unleashed.

We believe it is one of the most important and urgent skills we must learn in order for individuals, teams and organisations to thrive now and in the future. We guarantee huge breakthroughs for groups that genuinely engage in this process!




What benefits can I expect from this programme? More transparent and respectful communications, being seen in our full human diversity, greater alignment & commitment of intentions, initiation of co-creative projects, a sense of flow and actioning, with an outpouring of creativity and sense-making. Essentially everything that engages our human spirit and makes the “bottom line” flourish.

Who is it for?  Both private and public sector teams where there is a need to harmonise a set of diverse stakeholders and agendas in order to unlock a common path for collaboration, creativity and innovation. For example, Team Leaders who are responsible for multi-functional collaboration and project delivery.

What situations work well with this process? Situations of complexity, seemingly unresolvable dilemmas and tensions or differences. Essentially all situations where shifts in mind-sets (or the “unfixing” of mind-sets) and perspectives are needed to unlock creativity & new opportunities. Situations where there is need to express the unspoken tensions in a non- judgmental way.

How many people can participate in such a session? Between 6 and 20 participants.

What kind of pre-session work is needed? There will be some pre-programme exercises that will bring more awareness of the dynamics that are both enabling and limiting participants’ effectiveness (making the invisible a bit more visible). An open mind and willingness to explore “the space in between”.

What shifts will we notice after the session? Excitement, sense of possibility, inspiration, commitment to follow through, a deeper and more compassionate understanding of each other, concrete next steps.

What comes next? What comes next and what is needed afterwards will show itself naturally and you will know what the appropriate action will be. However, it is important to establish and put in place the new rituals & behaviours / commitments that will allow this new potential to flourish and fully manifest. We consider that post programme coaching and mentoring support is essential for this initiative to take root and flourish throughout the organisation.