Being Leader

What is BEING Leader program?

The BEING Leader program is a 4-day program designed to help leaders access, and fully experience, their greatest Human Potential. It’s build around the principle that our fullest potential is accessed not by adding new skills or knowledge but instead by reconnecting ourselves back to the essence of who we are.

The course is designed for visionary leaders (with or without years of experience) committed to making a difference in the field of business, politics, NGOs or non-profits. You want to step into your greatest potential. You are ready to BE the change you want to see in the world.

Why this program?

We are urgently being called to meet the growing challenges we face in the world. However, it is becoming clear that these can no longer be solved in traditional ways (more knowledge, productivity improvements, skill acquisition, competition, mental / physical force…). The only way forward is to pause and reconnect with our true self. Remembering our BEING (who we are, where we come from and why we are here) are the keys to responding in more effective ways (whether it be in Business, Government, NGO…)

What to expect?

The BEING Leader program is 100% experiential. We will not discuss any conceptual frameworks, nor will we focus on teaching you new tools. You will however experience a powerful process of “subtraction”. The practices and exercises will take you beneath your existing patterns and traits so you can re-discover your true leadership power. Our promise is to create an environment in which you can safely explore the depths of your BEING, in fun and playful ways. Together we will enter a space of INSPIRATION, ABUNDANCE and SERVICE. After our four days together you will walk away with a re-awakened Spirit and a clear, concrete action plan for the years to come.

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