Name  Sujith Ravindran 
City  Vancouver 
Country  Canada 
What do others say about me and my coaching?  “His deep mystical outlook of life is one thing that I value most about Sujith as a friend and guide. Even when my decisions and actions have implication on the lives of thousands of people, he is able to place them in a holistic frame and give me a true measure of who I am in this vast ocean of humanity, with all its history, mythology and civilizations.

 Sujith is also a living example of his wisdom, a true mystic of the real world. For someone who has led in the corporate world and founded several ventures, his level of humility is seen only among the greatest men and women known to humanity.

 A man of high resilience and unwavering beliefs.”

 Head of a new political awareness party, Europe.

Who is my ideal client?  Changemakers/Visionaries, Communities/Society, Education, For profit, Government, NGO 
What is my vision for my coaching practice?  MOTTO: "Doing from a Place of True Being"

 INTENTION: Support individuals exemplify social change through personal mastery/transformation…"Be the change you want to see".

Life experiences I bring to my coaching  “My life is not a set of words, it is a song filled with rituals, ceremonies and moments of acknowledgment. My life is not a walk, it is a pilgrimage filled with grace and daily self-enquiry.”

 My greatest gift: My 40 odd years of the Indian mystical background.

 My greatest strength: Been through a few profound personal transformations that included departure from a corporate career in favor of my highest calling.

 Almost a decade of diverse corporate experience in various managerial and leadership roles across 4 continents. Serial entrepreneur with start-ups in the area of medical solutions, fitness and health, e-commerce, service brokerage and personal development.

 Deep interest & background in Developmental Psychology.

My Speciality  Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Organizational Coach, Spiritual Coach 
Geographic scope of my practice  Global 
Anything else about Me  For his contribution to personal growth, peace-building and social development, Sujith was conferred the honour of AMBASSADOR OF PEACE in 2012 by the Council of Assisi in Italy.

 Sujith is a bestselling serial author and speaker in the field of Personal Development. His bestselling book, MATURE MASCULINITY: Man’s Inner Essence is available in four languages and on the book shelves in twelve countries. The book captures the insights originating from a profound personal opening Sujith experienced many years ago. That experience led him to leave behind his successful corporate career in pursuit of self-realization, a journey that led him to write and release MATURE MASCULINITY. His other international work, The BEING Leader, is today being hailed as the standard for high leadership and is a popular study within corporations and business schools.

 In his facilitation, Sujith applies his scholarship in the ancient Indian spiritual sciences to our worldly reality. He tours four continents each year, speaking and hosting retreats on topics ranging from peace to self-leadership to conscious capitalism. He loves travelling and sees traveling as a pathway of understanding others and expanding his self-realization.

 Using ceremonies and rituals from his Indian mystical tradition, he does initiations for male leaders and young men aged 15 to 22. As an elder, he continues to serve young men who live outside the mainstream of society – from penal institutions or those caught up in gangs and addictions – believe in themselves, recognize their self-leadership and live their fullest potential.

 He is a co-creator of the internationally recognized HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment which have been used to support business, governmental and non-profit organizations across 4 continents on their reinvention. He is also a fellow-initiator of the BEING at Full Potential movement and a vocal ambassador of the gift economy.

 He is a visiting faculty in various business schools and is a guest instructor at the Rhodes Wellness College in Canada. He sits on the board (or facilitates as a standard-bearer) of a few social organizations.