• Sujith Ravindran posted an update 2 years, 10 months ago

    Though I know that Chris Monk is in a good place – and still among us – I feel deeply saddened by his departure. When I talked to him twice I was struck by his zest to ‘liberate’ himself…liberate himself from the bondage of any smallness he may have created for himself. I mirrored this observation back to him both times. Both times he acknowledged that “yes, it seems liberation is my resolution this year.” I didn’t realize that by liberation he meant death.

    I feel very sad. Sad for his family who must be hurting from his unexpected going. By the news of his sudden departure I am also reminded how much I love love itself; Love it enough to not hate even those who have hurt me..Love it enough to feel gratitude to have Camilla and Adya in my life who are unconditional about wanting me to live the biggest my soul wants me to.

    Seeing death so close and so unexpected once again puts life in right perspective; there is no time in life to not live life fullest every moment…no time not to time not to do the things dearest to my heart…no time not to live my dream…no time not to say sorry when I have faulted…no time not to say “I love you” to all those I love…no time not to say thank you to God for letting me be present to experience this moment fully.

    I hold Chris’s life as a reminder to remain a good human.