Name  Nathalie Bayol 
City  Paris 
Country  France 
What do others say about me and my coaching?  "Being coached by Nathalie was a transformative experience. She helped me discover strengths and abilities I didn’t know I had. The way Nathalie helped me learn how to access more of my own inner resources facilitated not just the resolution of current issues but it provided me with a toolbox that I can use with future challenges, as well”. 
Who is my ideal client?  Changemakers/Visionaries, Education, Individuals, Organizations, Others 
What is my vision for my coaching practice?  I support organizations to become greater places to work in and with through an inspirational and powerful leadership.

 I support high potential managers, executives and directors, in developing authentic leadership qualities and to thrive in their lives.

Life experiences I bring to my coaching  French, multicultural and trilingual

 A life and career spent for 32 yrs in South America, in marketing and general management positions, consulting and coaching, working with clients from different cultures and horizons.

 I made choices that led me to live several challenging and rich transitions, both in my personal and professional life.

 A spiritual seeker for many years, the wisdom and teachings of ancient spiritual traditions are one of my sources of inspiration.

 Mother of 2 grown-up sons I deeply love

My Speciality  Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Team Coach 
Geographic scope of my practice  Global 
Anything else about Me  Values and words that describe me : responsable, connexion, transparent, positive, I like challenges, passionate, engaged, intuition, demanding, generous, I love life.