Name  Claudia Milardo 
Phone Number  ++41 78 771 04 37 
City  Neuchâtel (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) 
Country  Switzerland 
What do others say about me and my coaching?  In the many feed-backs, I guess the common point is my great intuition, sensitivity, depth and that I inspire them …:-)

 Actually, who I am in life

Who is my ideal client?  Individuals, Organizations 
What is my vision for my coaching practice?  My philosophy is the global approach of the human being, or organization with the 4 (5) dimensions living in ourselves : intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual. The 5th one would be the space, the environment.

 The alignment of body and mind.

 For individuals : « Deviens ce que tu es, fais ce que toi seul peux faire » F. Nietzsche

 "Become who you are, do what only you can do"

 For organizations, my goal is to have them realize that the human level is the one to change. That their leaders can be bearers of meaning within their team. And new for this year, having the leaders lead with love.

 Participate to the creation of benevolent world where actions are led by love.

Life experiences I bring to my coaching  My yoga practice – Being a mother – A woman – And whatever life puts on my road, I take it as an opportunity to grow, mature and increase my consciousness and awareness level.

 It helps me to deeply understand where another person stands and to be able to walk with them with a great intuition and sensitivity.

My Speciality  Life Coach, Leadership Coach, Team Coach, Spiritual Coach 
Geographic scope of my practice  National 
Anything else about Me  Life, watermelon, parmigiano, love and humor….what else ?