Name  Andrew Thornton 
Phone Number  +44 7831 206691 
City  London 
Country  United Kingdom 
What do others say about me and my coaching?  I believe that businesses that are run with a Heart deliver better results for all the stakeholders – its a happier, better place to work for employees, customers and commiunities feel and appreciate it, suppliers are treated better, the environment benefits from a more conscious approach has to business and shareholders get a better return. My aim is to work with business (and not for profit) leaders to create heartful organisations. My own supermarket in London (Thornton’s Budgens) is the ‘laboratory’ for everything we do – we only work with clients on things that have been tried and tested in my own business. 
Who is my ideal client?  Changemakers/Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, For profit, Organizations 
What is my vision for my coaching practice?  My life purpose is to create a heartful world by encouraging leaders to open their hearts starting with my own. My passion is working with leaders to help them create more heartful organisations. 
Life experiences I bring to my coaching  I am an entrepreneur who has run my own businesses since I was 24. Having started off my career at Mars, every step I have taken has prepared me for my ‘journey to the heart’. Thirteen years ago I was leading a consulting firm that worked with big multinationals and had become disillusioned with how short profit focused they all were. This set me on a personal development journey that lead me to realise that organisations with a heart were the way forward and lead me to develop my life purpose (above). 
My Speciality  Leadership Coach, Executive Coach, Entrepreneurship Coach, Team Coach, Spiritual Coach 
Geographic scope of my practice  Global 
Anything else about Me  This work is my passion and I need to take care not to burn myself out by taking on too much and not leaving me enough time and space to reflect and refresh.