Human Potential Coaches

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    Michael J. Dawkins

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    Michiel Schuurman


    Michiel is intrinsically motivated to help others shine. With his extensive knowledge and experience with exponential technology, entrepreneurship, exponential organizations and human potential, he bridges the gap between these fields with the aim to create a positive and lasting impact in the world.
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    Mirjana Power


    "What I feel is unique about you is that you can touch and feel one's mind, heart and soul. Once you do that to someone you can tune his thoughts and feelings about himself and his environment. Your kind and compassionate approach allowed me to open up to one of the deepest healing experiences I have had, and to release long standing trauma and sadness. My life has been truly transformed through the sessions with you. I am a changed being on every level."
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    Nadene Canning


    "The 1st time I met Nadene, she coached me through a difficult change process, I was truly impressed with all of the issues we were able to work through and left feeling confident and empowered to move forward. What an eye-opener and a real pleasure!" AM
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    Nanda Kishore


    Leadership coach, Career coach
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    Nathalie Bayol


    "Being coached by Nathalie was a transformative experience. She helped me discover strengths and abilities I didn’t know I had. The way Nathalie helped me learn how to access more of my own inner resources facilitated not just the resolution of current issues but it provided me with a toolbox that I can use with future challenges, as well”.
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    Peter Leong

    New Zealand

    * Company Culture Deployment & Strategy Execution * Executive coaching - Human Potential Development * BSC Strategy Execution & Mapping /KPI Design and cascading
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    Rebecca Johns


    What struck me from very early on in our relationship was Rebecca’s uncanny ability to become that which was most needed. To say that she is simply a "coach" does not do justice to her abilities. She misses nothing. Rebecca is great at connecting with us and helping us connect with ourselves and each other. I was able to apply what I learned at work and in my life. Her classes will change your life if you let them. I have a whole different perspective on how I ask questions, listen, and being more intentional about looking at what's possible.
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    Rodrigo Martinez-Romero

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    Ronald de Haas


    to be completed
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    Sally Edwards


    "Sally walks her talk. She is a real pillar of strength and inspiration for others wanting to live into their human potential. Her deep understanding and personal experience of life’s realities and its nature are what set her apart as an expert in her field. She is profoundly determined and capable and generously devotes her full energy to supporting teachers, children and other clients towards the transformations they seek." "I worked with Sally this summer at the Oegstgeest Summer School. She is a remarkable lady dedicated to the well-being of her students. I was thoroughly impressed by her ability to organise the team of 'experts' she gathered to create the 'natural wisdom' learning experience for the children. The children she works with are lucky to have a teacher so genuinely interested in taking teaching in a new open-minded, heart-centred direction that puts the child's motivation centre stage."
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    Smruti Patel


    “Smruti is very insightful. She has a unique way of helping her clients find solutions to their own challenges.  Further, she has a talent in helping them have confidence in their own unique qualifications and abilities.
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    Trace Hobson


    Trace has worked for thirty years as an entrepreneur and corporate leader in the energy sector and service industry. He creates break through results in startups, existing organizations, and leadership teams. Creating leaders and teams that are self led, self replicating, and sustainable while also seeing elevated performance, job satisfaction and work life balance is one of Trace's specialties.