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    Diyanat Ali


    Diyanat Ali is a Practical Coach. He brings with him a decade of IT Management experience, another decade of entrepreneurship, experiential education, outbound training and facilitation experience. He is a successful entrepreneur having founded the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club, India's largest and most active adventure club. Diyanat Also founded Outlife Outboun Training, a specialist company that offers outbound training and experiential education for corporate and schools. More details at Diyanat has a flair in understanding client needs well. Listens deeply and emphatically. Holds space for people to co create learning moments and invite change. He has a good ability to create safe and engaging environments to help clients open up the conversation, share and learn deeply.
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    I just finished the 5 day intensiv course in Baarlo; I have a very big potential in coaching as I am already coaching people in Spirituality. I have an affinity in helping people and feeling their needs with my great intuïtion.
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    Eveline van Dusseldorp


    Eveline possesses a unique combination of both analytical and coaching skills. She uses her understanding of the business and her ability to create safety and sense what's underneath the surface, to open up the conversation on what isn't being said. Her passion is to go for the real transformation; whether it is about organizations or individuals.
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    Fabio Salvadori


    "Fabio is a good listener and makes me comfortable to share experiences with him. He is skilled at posing questions that bring awareness. Fabio is a caring coach who has helped me with the journey of achievement to reach the ideal me." — M. Costarica "Fabio really knows how to listen! … something rare nowadays. And his ability to listen can transform the coaching session into a protected SPACE, in which I let myself go in the exploration of my own resources. Fabio is a great travel companion for those who want to put themselves out there!" — A. Italy "During the coaching experience, his ability to create a protected space in which I could slow down the pace and be able to think carefully about what interested me, my goals and my strategies have meant that, for the first time in a long time, I had the opportunity to gain, firstly, clarity about what I wanted to achieve. Then, I’ve been able to imagine a strategy to get there. And in a third moment, I re-discovered my strength." — L. Italy
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    Fabiola's "Daily Life Canvas" Playsheet is a gentle nudge in our backs, reminding us of our path. It helps to focus on our Work, that which makes us truly alive. It helps to connect to ourselves and to others, to reach out, to start small and big conversations - with ourselves and others. It does not demand a revolution from us, it demands only a commitment to small everyday steps, which in the long run are equal to revolution, which are perhaps the only way to deliberately transform our lives. It is a good tool for those who had never tried to address their artistic self before, but also for those who are already walking that path. It provides a framework for a meaningful life, day by day - the framework of a white canvas which we, the creators of our lives, fill in with our plans, achievements and dreams. Thank you Fabiola for your generous gift!" T. Sokolova
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    Faris Khalifeh


    Faris assists his clients to consciously communicate their most authentic selves. Once complete, they will have the self awareness to confidently follow their chosen path, be at their full potential and have the ability to represent their unique self in a way that stands out, and feels aligned with their passion and values.
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    Gabriela Carrique


    Gabriela is an inspiring Coach who works with Teams and Executives helping them to achieve BIG goals pursuing their passions and dreams embracing their talents and potential. Her customers are those that are willing to grow their vision developing an awareness path where they honor themselves, their life and their work achieving high value and positive impact in organizations and communities.
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    gopinath MV

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    Hans Neff


    Enthusiastic, effective, trustworthy connected.
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    Hanumant Talwar


    I have been appreciated for the thought provoking insights and contribution that i have been able to make in the personal and professional life. The people that I have coached, have been kind to recognize my understanding, potential and the ability to expresses encouragement and optimism when both easy and difficult issues are discussed. They feel that I have been able to influence and have an impact on the professional development. A good listener with empathy and compassion to support individuals by stepping into their shoes and guiding them in difficult situations and making them succeed in personal and professional pursuits.
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    Harmen van Dijk


    ‘Harmen is warm, inspires confidence, offers security, is 100% for you, dares to follow feeling and ask difficult questions – top!’
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    Harrison Lennox-Wright


    Focused, intense individual who pushes buttons and listens with passion and belief.
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    Helena Roth


    "Helena Roth shines a light of love, deep wisdom, devotion and generosity of spirit into the world simply through her presence. She creates a space for inquiry and discovery that is safe, gentle, and creative all at once. She has touched my life, and the lives of many, in a meaningful way. I am grateful to her and for her, and I am grateful for the good work she offers to the world." - Carla J. Rotering, MD
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    Jahnavi Katti


    "Jahnavi is an amazing and value adding coach. She is always available to help and deliver value in complex situation. I have particularly benefited from her unusual listening traits and upbeat perspective to life and issues. Jahnavi has a peculiar quality of simplifying complexities into doable targets and actions. I will recommend Jahnavi to anyone particular women who desire to be more effective in their entrepreneurial journey. Thank you Jahnavi, I appreciate, celebrate and honor your time. " Ope' Osiyemi, Lagos, Nigeria..People | Insurance | Sustainable Value
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    Jannie Peters


    Jannie is an experienced expert. She reflects and gives insights, when a feeling of 'being lost' or 'stucked', slows down your daily activities. Jannie helpes and let you see and feel how to free your mind, soul and spirit. She makes you feel connected to yourself, others and to 'love'.