The realization that people and organizations change when they are ready to change, rather than when they are told to change, had a profound impact on our journey to establish BEING at Full Potential. Instead of being advocates for change, we decided to put all our energy into awakening and inspiring people to the immense POTENTIAL that lies ahead when we do the deeper work on ourselves needed to unleash our full Human Potential. We figured that if we could make this highly subjective, and often misunderstood, area of the “inner being” (mindsets, attitudes, worldviews and perspectives) more concrete and attractive by linking it to the priorities that are important to organizations, then maybe we could inspire and accelerate the desire for change.

It’s this vision of making deep transformational work more accessible to organizations that led to the creation of the Human Potential Model and the Human Potential Assessments. Our vision: A world where every individual and organization fully expresses its Human Potential, and our motto: When the BEING comes alive the DOING thrives continue to inspire everything that we do, AND how we do it.