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Last February I had the opportunity to join the Peace Conference in India. Nathalie Bayol, Sujith Ravindran and myself represented BEING at Full Potential and were invited to facilitate one of the sessions. Our workshop looked at peace through the lens of the divine feminine and mature masculine. Our hypothesis is that broader peace in the world is only possible when we have found peace within ourselves AND between genders. In this story I wish to share some of the insights that were revealed during the event and how it has made it even more clear that the key to fulfilling my purpose in life (bringing Heaven on Earth ) is to allow my divine feminine to shine as purely and authentically as possible.


It starts with a man who I met on the first day. He shared a lot of information around peace that didn’t resonate with me. His conclusion, after years of working as a peace facilitator, was that peace is not possible. This statement triggered me because of my deeply held belief that Heaven on Earth (in other words PEACE) is in the realm of possibility if we choose for it.
This man went on to tell me that most people in the world live with only one side of the reality. His fundamental worldview is that human beings are motivated by their own self interest, a desire to meet and feed the needs of the EGO. As a mediator for peace in the world he did an exercise to let us feel how we would behave if our country was undergoing some kind of economic, social or political conflict. He wanted us to “experience” what it is like to live under intense pressure and that in these circumstances it is normal for fear and anger to thrive, rather than Peace.
After this exercise there were many different points of view in the room. The fear of not being seen or heard was thriving within us. We all tried to convince each other that our way was the best. The man who had a very important role as mediator in world conflicts was angry, frustrated and convinced that peace was not possible. He was determined to make this point.


During the pause, a question came to me that I felt compelled to ask this person. I was wondering if he ever asked for help… He was surprised by this question. He looked at me and said: “asking for help… everyone is afraid of me…no one expects me to need help”.
I felt his loneliness. The only thing I could share with him in that moment was: “If I feel alone, not understood or not seen, I simply ask for the person’s presence, for them to sit beside me or hold me. In those situations I am not looking for solutions. I need only their presence, their love without any conditions.
Something touched inside me. It was like a veil of tenderness that brought us closer together. So I give space to myself and to him, trusting that the Universe will respond when we are ready to listen. I sensed a lot of compassion in what wanted to unfold. On the way back to my room, which was situated in the world temple, I read the name of my room: Hope…
My heart was open and curious. Instead of judging this man there was hope and trust and my desire for peace within me was born. Connecting with the feminine Goddess within me I felt more love and light. I could feel beyond my first reaction of anger that peace is not possible. I felt that everyone of us has the need for love and a deep need to fulfilment. I realized that without that, we are left feeling lonely, sad and angry.
Seeing that need in all of us, and yet at the same time feeling powerless to respond, invites me to that deeper place of compassion and understanding for how other people are behaving. It reminds me of my feminine gifts of softness and love, from which place I am able see the abundance. I simply give all my questions to the goddess within me and set the intention that when the time is right I will get the appropriate response.


During the second day I was much more present, compassionately listening to my inner voice. My heart was open and curious, without needing full clarity about what it takes to bring peace in the world. In this moment I was able to surrender into the sacred space what we created at the beginning of our days together with all the people in India. Simply practising and going back again to the place where the Feminine gifts shine inside me gives me immense power and a sense that everything is perfect exactly how it is.
In the afternoon, together with Sujith and Nathalie we got the opportunity to offer our workshop to the group. We randomly divided the group into four parts: The egoistic feminine, the egoistic man, the goddess feminine and the goddess man. We invited each group to show up according to these archetypes. The two groups of the egoistic feminine and men were loudly laughing, and in the process recognized their conditioned survival mechanisms. The two groups of the goddess feminine and men went in stillness, exploring more inside and acknowledging the more unknown experiences.
Later, in the debriefing session, we collectively came to the realization that in the beginning of our life we are still an unconditional part of a Oneness, from light and love. We all could see the open and innocence of a new born baby. However, as we grow up we become more identified with our history on earth, our emotions & assumptions. Somehow along the way we lose touch with our authentic being and in the process start to define ourselves based on the assumptions that unfold from our experiences in life. As a result a deeper ego/I awareness develops.
This way of evolution has created who we are today which is why we are not longer connected with the source, the greatness of our being and the oneness of us all. This turned out to be the greatest revelation for all the participants of the peace conference and as a result profoundly impacted the way in which they bring peace to the world from now on. There was an invitation to become peace ambassadors from that pure, divine place within all of us.


In the second part of the exercise we divided the men and women in two groups. All the men went with Sujith to experience the characteristics of the mature masculine: clarity, purpose and authentic strength. The women were invited by Nathalie and myself to step into the mature feminine and experience desire, vulnerability and sensuality. As we were in silence, sitting or standing round flowers and candles, we simply let the feminine gifts respond. From that deeper place within, a native women from Africa started to move her hips and eventually unfolding into a dance. Another native woman from Indian tradition started to sing a beautiful soft song and within no time these initiatives encouraged all women start to dance and to sing in a sacred way, thriving from the inside out.
During this workshop, which we ended up calling: “Peace between the genders”, we simply created the space for women to express that deep longing that already exists within them. There was actually very little that as facilitator I had to do. The only energy I was committing to was my own space of Goddess. Creating from there made it easy to surrender into the unknown trust that whatever unfolds is perfect. I experienced a very deep place of sisterhood, there was safety in all what wants to express. The spontaneous way of responding that emerged was much more than I ever could dream about. Sharing our sacred sisterhood and holding space for the source energy that spontaneous flows in that moment.
The third part of our workshop “Peace between the genders” was to invite all the men in a line and all the women in a line in front of them. The exercise was simply for the men to look deeply into the eyes of the women and the get an opportunity to acknowledged their gifts as a women.
What happened next was a huge turning point in enabling peace between the genders / peace more broadly in the world. To my surprise, the man from the first part of my story was expressing himself with tears in his eyes. He then shared with the group how much he admires women because they have the courage to open difficult conversations. All what came after that was expressed first by the men and then the acknowledgments from the women to the men were steps to reconnect us all to the love and light we are.
All people felt the peace within themselves and with each other. A great moment of oneness and a great invitation to bring our gifts to the world from this place.


By practising the Feminine within myself I feel every time reborn as new. In this practise I find healing. In this space I feel beauty, there is just love for myself and for others. I can access compassion and intuition. From that place the most surprising words, insights and acceptance of what is, comes through.
The gifts I get from participating in the peace conference was a great invitation to live peace within myself and with all the people I meet in life. I feel now that the separation in our thoughts is ready to disappear. The way is free so that Light and Love in our bodies and in the world could come to earth. It is an evolution that opens us from the oneness we are in the deepest essence: Love. We no longer need to live in the outer world from a place of fear or from lack, from being less than others. This way results only in conflict and war – not peace. Now is the time to see ourselves as whole and connected to a higher consciousness. This phase of evolution realeased a new kind of power in us and in the world at large.
I like to share this path with all the women and men around the world who want to practise together and heal in a sacred Sisterhood and Brotherhood. Together, let us create a place that gives us access to resources and helps us support each other on the journey.
By talking about our experiences, by sharing our insights, by approaching all the challenges with a pause and allowing ourselves to breath, gather information for the whole picture and let unfold in trust, we can make a significant difference in the world. I would like to invite you to join a monthly gathering with other women around the world. Our feminine gifts of vulnerability, desire and sensuality are guiding us in all our beings and doings. Peace is possible!
Everyone who feels called to connect please feel free to live together heaven on earth.
Marie Josee Smulders
Posted on: 2nd July 2017, by : Mark Vandeneijnde