Human Potential Coach Profiles

Last year we promised to do a better job sharing all the great stories that are happening within the community of Certified Human Potential Coaches. Mary Riley generously volunteered to lead this initiative and so far there are 5 fascinating stories to share. This week we introduce Wineke van Doezelaar and the important work she does with the Millennial generation. We hope you enjoy this exposé and invite you to connect directly with Wineke ( if you feel a similar spark for this work. The other stories will follow in the weeks to come.
Being at Full Potential’s individual assessment is one of many tools Wineke van Doezelaar brings to her new organization, Buitenplek Time-Out. Buitenplek in English means “House in Nature.” And it is the very nature of being that inspires Wineke’s doing. The Millennial Generation, those between the ages of 25 and 40, is the focus of Wineke’s emerging work in Zeist, Utrecht Province, the Netherlands.For Wineke, Millennials represent a generation filled with potential and idealism. “They are the age group of the present and the future,” she says. Some of her clients face challenges of underemployment and gaps between long-held dreams and the reality of the workplace where they often feel compelled to take jobs in areas outside their interest and/or training fields.  Her clients mention to her that they seek expression for compassion. They also want a different kind of self-confidence; one less dependent on external circumstances (job, title, status) and more rooted in who we are as unique individuals. Millennials often want to carry out fulfilling work in service to the greater good of others.Many of Wineke’s clients experience information overload as they are the first generation raised with internet and numerous electronic devices as ever-present companions. “This generation needs to find a better balance between life and technology.” Her organization seeks to meet Millennials’ desire for rest, relaxation, harmony and connections to nature, especially the connection to their own nature. One of the many original aspects of her program honors the reciprocity between one’s own nature and nature in the larger world.
At 47 years of age, Wineke comes from the previous generation often referred to as Generation X. “I’ve wished so many times I had access to a coach on my own journey forward.” She serves as the founder and director of the program as well as a coach. Wineke uses her coaching skills as a nucleus for an array of offerings she provides her clients in a holistic program that includes—in addition to coaching—body work, voice training, creative arts and systems theory to name just a few. She brings together other experts to assist in the multi-disciplinary array of activities offered. Buitenplek Time-Out’sprogram’s structure includes small groups of six to 12 Millennials who take part in a variety of experiences during a two-month period.This Dutch social entrepreneur found her own path after spending almost 20 years as a freelance communications and marketing manager in the corporate world. Over time, Wineke became increasingly aware of a voice inside her that drew her to another calling—one of being in service to others. This inner voice captured what she calls her “essence” and includes her love for music and art, neglected during those years in her previous career.Wineke’s own path of discovery mirrors the principles she now brings to her organization. She began to rely more heavily on her intuition. For example, she started to save her money, which made it possible for her to transition out of her corporate job. Thus began “work from the inside out”. It started with a discovery sabbatical where the foundation forBuitenplek Time-Out emerged. It was her research during this incubation period that led her to Mark and Sujith’s work at Being at Full Potential where she took part in the training to become certified in use of the assessment tool. Working with the Being at Full Potential tool provides clients with an avenue to insights that allow them to identify next steps. “No one else can tell you what to do,” Wineke explains.“What helped me was to take my own ‘time-out’”, Wineke explained. “During that insightful [sabbatical] period, Buitenplek appeared before my eyes.” Her highly original holistic approach resembles, as she says, “all the things I like—most especially helping people live a better and fulfilled life.”

Mary Riley writes about best practices for the Human Potential Movement. Founder of the Center for Non-Profit Coaching in Northern New York, she recently has started work on a book about how the gift of coaching influences leadership and service in the world. Please connect with her if you also feel the urge to share your story with the community.