Government and Politics

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Our calling is to explore the intersection between politics and spirituality, as vital domains of learning that tend to be seen as elements that are disconnected from each other.

We are concerned about the profound discredit, incredulity, lack of trust and disbelief of politics fueled by diverse phenomena of social fragmentation (like corruption, impunity, classicism, racism, sexism or profound social inequalities, just to mention some) which tend to install our experiences of citizenship in democratically unhealthy emotional moods, governed by fear, resignation, hatred, impotence, sadness, greed, resentment or frustration.

By recognizing that each human being can consciously undergo a journey of self discovery and self knowledge which leads him to the direct experience of its essential nature as deep joy, unlimited freedom, complete well being, benevolent plenitude or unconditional love, we inspire dynamics of social healing that will contribute to built trust among people, recover a sense of communitarian harmony and unleash our infinite individual and collective human potential.

Politics, in an essential expression of dignity and purpose, is a space to build the “collective us” in a search for the common good. Learning to see the future with hope, from the certainty of our inner greatness, and rediscovering effective formulas of democratic governance becomes something crucial for the sustainable evolution of our communities.

We use qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, as well as coaching tools, training practices and specialized consulting team, when we deliver services to:

  1. Citizens who are called to actively transform public affairs in their communities.
  2. Politicians who are open to applying new ways of solving old problems based in a higher consciousness political paradigm.
  3. Students who are interested in pursuing a political career without compromising their essential integrity, based on an ethical and effective leadership model.
  4. For scholars who are interested in producing knowledge from a holistic epistemology which seeks to understand and facilitate human process of transformation in society.
  5. For spiritual seekers who are interested in exploring the connecting between their spiritual path and social change

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